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What can we do for you?

Negotiate app and brand deals

  • Song campaigns
  • Apps / brand deals
  • Exclusive TikTok Shop opportunities

Book song campaigns

  • Tik-Tok and Instagram Brand Deals
  • Connections with multiple on trend brands

VIP guest list opportunities

  • Tik-Tok and Instagram Song Campaigns
  • Mass and Micro Activations 
  • Creative Strategy and Viral Activations

Build a brand

  • Exclusive Management 
  • Non- Exclusive Management
  • Career Growth

Negotiate app/brand deals

  • Multi-platform deals across TikTok, Instagram, YouTube & Snapchat.
  • Industry connections to supply you brand/app opportunities.

  • Guidance on contract terms, exclusivity clauses, and deliverables to protect your interests.

Book song campaigns

  • Multi-platform campaigns across TikTok, Instagram, YouTube & Snapchat.
  • Contacts with all the major record labels and artists.
  • Campaigns are personalised to your audience and musical preferences.

Recent projects

Still not sure what to think? Check out some of our recent influencer collaborations.

VIP guest list opportunities

  • Guest list concert tickets.
  • VIP openings and events.
  • Festivals and brands trips.​
  • Influencer merchandising and brand-building partner.
  • The easiest way to design, sell, and ship premium merchandise to your following.

Build a brand

Let's work together

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